Custom Stream Overlay Installation Guide

As a streamer, you should want to put on the best show possible for your viewers. For the sake of this guide, I’ll be focusing solely on three commonly used programs; OBS, Streamlabs, StreamElements


Hi there! Whether you've purchased your very own ECDC Overlay or found your way here on your own, hopefully this guide will be of great use to you! Its purpose is to offer installation techniques to fairly new or even seasoned streamers when setting up their new overlays.

While there are plenty of platforms for streamers to choose from, our focus today will primarily cover OBS, Streamlabs and StreamElements. These tools have proved to be favorites for many, simply because their services are tailored for live streaming, viewer engagement and more!

This guide will not cover either platforms in great detail, rather I'll offer insights into their use, along with my personal recommendations. You are free to gravitate towards any tool you desire!

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What You’ll Need

  • Computer or Tablet | The programs listed require a device that can either download or properly use the website.

  • On-Screen Overlays* | One for each “scene” you may need (i.e. Start, BRB, End, Intermission, etc)

  • Profile Panels* | Provide info about you and your stream with matching section panels

  • Profile Banner* | Greet your viewers with a matching banner

  • Alerts* | One for each main “event” that happens live on stream (i.e. New Follower, New Subscriber, Raid etc.)

  • Offline Screen* | For any viewers visiting your stream when you’re not online

  • Broadcasting Software | Your pick! (i.e. OBS, Streamlabs, etc.)

*Included with an ECDC Complete Stream Design Package purchase

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Coming Soon…

StreamElements is by far my favorite peripheral to use! Let’s just say it is loaded with so many features that’ll make your stream fun for everyone involved. If you’re not already on the platform, hurry up and make an account then head back here!

This method I’m going to present here is best for anyone who wants;

If any of the above relates to you, continue reading!

  • A one stop stream shop

  • To lighten their CPU/GPU Load

  • A seamless stream installation

Installation Guide

Navigate to the "Streaming Tools" section and select "Overlays"

All of your made overlays can be found here. Let's make a new one!

Click the button that says "New Overlay" to begin the process

Let's give this overlay a name! I like to name my projects (Theme) (Scene) Example: Vibrance Theme - Start

To add a pre-made overlay, select "Add Widget" or the plus sign (+), then choose the Static/Custom option.

In the next menu, select the "Image" option

I hope you saved your new overlays in an easy spot! Here's where you'll upload everything at once. Select the "Upload" option or drag and drop your files into the window.

After the files have processed, hover your mouse of the desired image, two options will appear. Choose the "Submit" option

New images are loaded in at a default size, so you'll have to resize it manually. In the side menu, navigate to the "Position, size and style" section.

Once there, change the width and height to the desired size, in this case [1920] x [1080]

From here, you can save or preview your new overlay!

Quick Tip: To save time, duplicate the overlay you just made and simply change the image in the "Settings" section to make an overlay for the other scenes. Remember to change the name!

Adding A Stream Chat

After following the instructions above to add the overlay image, let's add your stream's chat for everyone to see right on screen!

Use the plus sign (+) to add a new widget. The chat can be found in under the "Stream Tools" section. Select "Your Stream's Chat" to add the widget.

Depending on the overlay style, you can change the background color under the "Settings" section. For a transparent background, select "Custom" in the dropdown menu of the "Theme" section

The size of the chat box can be adjust to the fit the design of the overlay. For my ECDC Streamer Designs, the ideal size is [500] x [400]

The other settings are yours to adjust and personalize as you wish. Just remember to save!

Quick Tip: Click the picture to enlarge it.

Adding An Alertbox

Coming Soon…