Essence Cove

is such a vibe!

Essence is defined as "the individual, real, or ultimate nature of a thing, especially as opposed to its existence.

"Imagine if you will... You're standing thousands of feet above sea level, clear skies, breath-taking views, and fresh air -- For a moment, you're calm, care-free and at peace.

Now imagine you've found the most beautiful, secret spot that is untouched by the world. This is the environment and feelings I wish to replicate here. The goal? To cultivate a space that isn't overwhelming, or impersonal, but rather a place that is both inviting and supportive of each other's journey through life.

With that captivating feeling, the inner world of Essence Cove was born and in 2022 Essence Cove Design Company was founded! Self taught graphic designer and digital artist, Jas G, spread her wings to further explore this world. Ultimately deciding to share this with all of whom will listen.

Hand-Drawn Twitch Emotes | Thank you all! @BruhofSteel @Casuallumboy @DatBoiTipsy @ChooMaiGoo @ELGoyarice @1tz_Phoenix